High in protein, low in fat – 100% grass fed venison

New Zealand is renowned for farming some of the world’s best venison, where the temperate climate allows deer to be grazed on lush, nutrient-rich pasture all year round.

Low in fat and rich in B-vitamins, zinc, and iron – GMO free, grass-fed venison is arguably the most nutritious and lean red meat in the pet food market.

Farmed under sustainable practices with a high standard of animal welfare, Meateor are committed to providing high-quality and nutrient dense, plate frozen venison products to your factory door.

Both farmed and wild caught venison is available from New Zealand and wild caught venison is available from Australia.

Packed full of
vitamins & minerals
GMO free
Plate Frozen
Grass fed animals

Our grass fed venison products


Venison lung – lobes only, free of trachea.


Venison heart – trimmed of excess arteries and veins.


Venison kidney – with all skin and fat removed.


Venison liver – with gall bladder removed.