Meateor Pet Foods LP

New Zealand

Enriching the lives of pets around the globe

The Meateor New Zealand (MPFLP) story began in 1995 with the vision of making plate frozen, export quality meat ingredients accessible for the producers of pet food brands worldwide.

Today, Meateor is proud to be owned by two strong New Zealand companies, ‘Scales’ and ‘Alliance Group Limited’. With ‘Scales’ having provided essential services to the New Zealand primary sector for more than 120 years and ‘Alliance Group Limited’ being one of New Zealand’s leading food and solutions company (since 1948), Meateor has sound market access and a secure future supply of New Zealand’s finest meat products.

With a small, dedicated team, in Meateor’s processing plants based in Hastings and Dunedin, matched with high standards of animal welfare and reputation for producing clean, export quality meat products. You can guarantee any pet food ingredient sourced and plate frozen by Meateor will arrive at your factory, true in appearance and holding the nutritional value and taste of its original state – every time.

From processing, cold storage, and shipping of product, Meateor New Zealand provides a well-executed, integrated service for pet food producers in New Zealand and around the globe – To put it simply, Meateor is easy to do business with.