Meateor Foods International

Sourcing pet food ingredients has never been easier

The Meateor story began in New Zealand in 1995, with the vision of making plate frozen, export quality meat ingredients accessible for the producers of pet food worldwide. As demand for Meateor’s high quality product and well executed service to international customers quickly outstripped New Zealand’s capacity to supply, Meateor Foods International (MFI) was established to create a second Meateor division in Australasia.

Having Meateor presence in Australia has led to a number of positive implications for Meateor’s global customers, including being able to source a range of unique proteins: pork, salmon, offals, kangaroo and dried meat powders and has allowed Meateor Foods International to become the predominant supplier of mechanically separated (MDM) lamb around the world. While continuing to uphold the shared Meateor company values of excellent export standards, quality products and strict animal welfare ethics.

Working closely with the Meateor team in New Zealand and with cold storage facilities in Australia and six locations across the United States matched with sound shipping relationships with Meateor’s sister company ‘Scales Logistics’, Meateor Foods International can guarantee an extensive and seamless customer experience of export quality ingredients to your factory door.