World class lamb

Raised and cared for on extensive New Zealand and Australian farms, freely ranging across hills and paddocks and grazing on rich pasture, lamb is the name given to the meat of a sheep that is less than one year old.

A high-quality protein source, which provides a balanced amount of omega-3 fats and minerals, supporting growth and health maintenance for pets – lamb meat is leaner in fat than cuts from an older animal.

Farmed under sustainable practices with a high standard of animal welfare, Meateor is committed to providing high-quality and nutrient dense, plate frozen lamb products to your factory door.

Packed full of
vitamins & minerals
GMO free
Plate Frozen
Grass fed animals

Our grass fed lamb products


Lamb lung – lobes only, free of trachea.


Lamb heart – trimmed of excess arteries and veins.


Lamb kidney – with all skin and fat removed.


All carcass bones. Meats that may be included are tongue, diaphragm, heart, oesophagus, neck trim and tail stub.


Green wash rinsed.