Sustainability sourced and 98% fat free, pastural fed Kangaroo

Roaming wild over extensive Australian open spaces and grazing on natural foliage, Kangaroos are an abundant natural meat resource.

With less than 2% fat and rich in B-vitamins, Omega 3’s zinc, and iron – wild kangaroo is thought to be one of the leanest meat choices in the pet food market.

Sourced from their natural environment and adhering to stringent animal welfare standards, Meateor is committed to providing high-quality and nutrient-dense, plate frozen kangaroo products to your factory door.

Packed full of
vitamins & minerals
GMO free
Plate Frozen
Grass fed animals

Our kangaroo products


Kangaroo lung – lobes only, free of trachea.


Kangaroo heart – trimmed of excess arteries and veins.


Kangaroo kidney – with all skin and fat removed.


All carcass bones. Meats that may be included: tongue, diaphragm, heart, oesophagus, neck trim and tail stub.