Quality protein, high in fat – 100% GMO free pork

Unlike other grazing animals, pigs are commonly nurtured through a balanced and nourishing cereal-based diet. The most commonly consumed red meat worldwide, Meateor source pork from Australian farms where good health and animal welfare are paramount.

An excellent source of quality protein, high in fat and rich in many vitamins and minerals – GMO-free pork, is effective for the growth and maintenance of animal muscle mass.

Meateor is committed to providing high-quality and nutrient-dense, plate frozen pork products to your factory door.

Packed full of
vitamins & minerals
GMO free
Plate Frozen
Grass fed animals

Our protein rich pork products


Pork lung – lobes only, free of trachea.


Pork heart – trimmed of excess arteries and veins.


Pork kidney – with all skin and fat removed.


All carcass bones. Meats that may be included are tongue, diaphragm, heart, oesophagus, neck trim and tail stub.