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Our Services

Plate Freezing TechnologyMeateor Foods has the capability to pre-break, grind, mechanically separate and plate freeze lamb, mutton, veal, beef and venison into Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM). Offal items – livers, lungs, kidneys, hearts, tripe, trim – are collected and sorted in to individual components as required and plate frozen. Raw material is sourced only from export, human edible grade slaughter and boning plants.

Plate Freezing Technology

Both Meateor plants use plate freezing technology rather than the more common blast freezing. Plate freezing provides two key advantages:

  • Product is frozen to -12C / 10F within 3 to 3.5 hours – which is significantly faster than blast freezing. Plate freezing helps ensure the product’s integrity and freshness. In fact, some large pet food companies will only accept plate frozen material.
  • In addition, plate frozen blocks of meat are flat and even so pallets can be stacked on top of each other. This provides for efficient and safe storage of product where freezer space is often restricted.

Plate freezing also uses less energy than blast freezing, an important benefit in a world where many customers are concerned about the environmental responsibility of suppliers.

Customised Equipment and Facilities

Meateor Foods has invested considerable time, expertise and money in developing and upgrading its equipment and facilities.

The Whakatu plant has recently been completely refurbished to international standards. Our Dunedin plant is located within a facility originally built as a “human consumption” boning room and is being progressively upgraded.

Custom developed software drives our plants, providing instant feedback and information on production and shipping status, as well as full traceability on all product.

Customer Service

Our high level of customer service is often referred to as the best our customers receive. A representative based in North America ensures US and Canadian customers can access customer service in their own time zone.

Our service includes handling all the shipping, customs clearance, duties, permits, overseas storage and delivery of our products direct to our customer’s processing facilities.

Our commitment is to exceed the requirements of the pet food industry for safety, quality, hygiene and customer service.